The Motherland Fund For Women Entrepreneurs


The Motherland Fund for Women Entrepreneurs creates opportunities for women living in Armenian border villages to start their own businesses. 

Our film champions the effect women's work and leadership can have on a community, so we’ve teamed up with OneArmenia and Sahman NGO to expand the impact by empowering more women in border villages and zones affected by conflict.

Why Your Donation is Crucial

  • The conflict with Azerbaijan has not ended for border communities in Armenia, despite the 1994 ceasefire. Sporadic sniper fire from across the border makes agriculture, the main source of income for most families in the region, highly dangerous.

  • Globally, women-led enterprises are more effective in improving the welfare of their communities, with women reinvesting 80-90% of their income into productive uses and for their families.

  • By donating, you are helping trailblazing women start their own business, create an income for themselves and their families, and provide their communities with locally made goods and services.

How it Works

This fund was created to give women entrepreneurs the tools they need to start their own small businesses or expand existing ones. We've launched a worldwide screening tour with the short documentary, Motherland, that will educate and raise donations for this fund wherever it goes. Your donation helps us start the fund; as we keep receiving support, we will accept applications from local women with an idea for a business. Instead of cash, we will use your donations to give them the physical equipment they need to get started. As the fund continues to grow, we will continue to fund more and more small, women-led businesses that make our border communities more prosperous and sustainable.